Thursday, 2 February 2012

Crystallized Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

Hi Guys
Here's a little non cricut/svg related project I have been working on recently - its a crystal covered Crystal Head Vodka bottle.  This one is a miniature bottle (50ml size).

Click the link below for more info on Crystal Head Vodka

This was my first attempt at crystallizing anything and i'm really pleased with the way its turned out :-)  The pictures below show the original glass bottle next to my crystallized version.

I used Swarovski 2028 non-hot fix crystals in size SS10 and SS6 and Strass 244 glue.  I bought a factory pack of the SS10 crystals, there are 1440 crystals in a factory pack, but I still had a few left at the end.  The crystals and glue are from a company called Scatter Crystals here in the UK, here is a link to their website:

Cori x

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