Saturday, 9 July 2011

Home Decor using the Cricut and Images from Shutterstock

My spare room is looking a little unloved and in need of a revamp so I have decided that I am going to paint it a light calming blue and then I stumbled across some fab bedlinen by Christy and used it as my inspiration to transform these old picture frames from Ikea.

The frames are called 'Ribba' in 23 x 23cm or 9 x 9" size.  The patterned images inside are from Shutterstock.  I put the images into Sure Cuts a Lot and simplified them a lot to get them to cut out on white card and then glued them onto the blue card before cutting to size to fit inside the frame.  The fab bedlinen that inspired these can be seen below, it is by Christy and called 'Darwin Leaf'

 I have attached a close up of each pattern picture below, shown with and without borders (the borders come with the Ribba frames from Ikea).  

Leaf Pattern:

Swirly Pattern:

Swirly Leaf Pattern:

Hopefully it will all go together once the room is painted.  Hope you like them


  1. ooooo...I really like these. I am definatly going to have to try something like this.

  2. these are stunning...great idea...will have to give it a try if I can get my own craft room...soon but not holding out much hope :-/ xx



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